Monday, December 8, 2008

Russian Girls Photo

Russian Girls Photo

There are many ways how guys can attract a girl, but not all of them really work and give the results of which you are waiting. Presenting three ways in which the guys can attract girls. We need to understand the psychology zhenschiny

Zhenschina choose their partner, mainly on the subconscious level - that which meets its requirements. Women biologically programmed to search for a man from whom she could give birth to healthy children, and who can protect her and offspring from any dangers. This means that strong, self-confident man most attractive to them because they can give a sense of confidence and security.

Conversely, the mother synochki and poor men who can keep themselves under the heel, very unattractive to women. So, you need to become strong, confident and educated, to attract women. Create a story of its success at zhenschinYarkaya history of success in women positive effect on your attractiveness in the eyes of other women. If you are familiar with many women, and others also want to meet you, as this will catch on.

So, what do you want to do is get into the jet. Be friendly. More talk with representatives of different sexes. Flirt with them, be invited to visit, list them. Soon you become a byword in your city, and many women would dream of acquaintance with you. And then happen that women will be for you gonyatsya, rather than vice versa. Use pheromones as oruzhiyaOdin real way to attract women - is to use pheromones.

Pheromones - that substances contained in our body function - to involve representatives of the opposite sex. However, the constant shower and use deodorants their concentration in the body of modern people has decreased.

Personally, I have had resounding success in nightclubs, which used the toilet water with feromonami. Sometimes up to 30 women, and, with beautiful women, come to me under various pretexts.

Some have asked, I do not want to drink, others asked, I do not want to go to them. These three unique ways to attract women who have already successfully tested many men. If you follow them faithfully, you definitely improve their sex life.

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